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October Favourites ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ Sorry for not posting in a week but my internet has been going crazy so I haven't been able to post. I've also had a quite a low week in my mood so I wasn't up for blogging but I decided to blog today :) Can you believe it's nearly the end of October?! Also this month I'm adding a new favourite as I took out 'beauty' before..so welcome the 'toy' section :) Enough rambling..let's get started!


I'm actually going to do a seperate post on my October Playlist as I've loved so much music this month but my favourites have to be Harlem by New Politics (which was featured on the Frozen trailer last year), Take on the World from Girl Meets World and Top of the World by Greek Fire (which is on the Big Hero 6 trailer). I also love the song on the newest Big Hero 6 trailer by Fall Out Boy called Immortials which is also pretty cool.


I've recently been loving my 3ds especially Style Boutique and Animal Crossing :) I love the autumn feel in Animal Crossing and can't wait for winter! I also found out that Style Boutique runs on kind of real time as it's currently Halloween and October on the game too which I love. I can't wait to play Disney My Magical World though as it looks PERFECT in my opinion. I'm hopefully getting it for Christmas so I will do a full review when I get it :)


I saw The Other Woman for the second time the other day with my family and loved it as much as the first time. It just so funny and girl-powered! I love all the actresses in the movie and it is just a great girl movie :) I would love to take part in a movie like this as it seemed so fun with all the plans ;)


I actually order tons of book recently as I'm going away and need some things to keep me busy but so far these have been my favourites. They are the Frozen Essential Guide and the Encycopedia of Animated Characters. I highly recommend both books especially the encyclopedia as it includes so many characters including the newest characters from Frozen to Disney Fairies. I also ordered some Ever After High books and I can't wait to read those!


This isn't the first time this app has been in my favourites but I do love it. I recently got some Tsum Tsum plushes from America and I love them. I got Donald, Minnie, Marie and Snow White..they are too cute! I will be doing a review on the plushes as I wanna share them with all of you :) I do love the app though and it is very addictive ♥


I've been really enjoying pins this month and have loads coming from America as the pins are super cheap from $ to £ and since I buy loads at once I can get discounts :) I can't wait to do my pinmail for this month and next month as they are gunna be AMAZING! I've been sorting out my pinpics and hopefully made my first pinpics trade yesterday for one of my mini grails..can't wait to show it to you if it all works out :) 


I started watching Bad Education this series and I love it so now I wanna watch every episode! It's so funny and I love Jack Whitehall ♥ I've also been LOVING Once Upon a Time, I really hope Elsa and Anna stay once their story is over as I love them! This series is just so twisted like the rest..the family tree is getting bigger ;)


My favourite toy this month is my first Ever After High doll. She was on sale at my local supermarket and I love her. If you don't watch Ever After High..she is Briar Beauty, the daughter of Sleeping Beauty and she is a royal :) I wanna get Apple White, Madeline Hatter and Raven Queen to make them look cute ♥

That's the end of my October favourites. I might post again today if I have time but if I don't post today then it will be tomorrow :') Bye lovelies ♥

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