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Disneyland Paris 2016 Haul

I recently went to Disneyland Paris with my Dad and I bought quite alot while I was there so I thought I'd share my purchases with all of you! 

Beast was the first thing I bought while in DLP and he was pretty expensive, coming in at 40 euros! He is the new style plush that has been brought out in the last month or so for the anniversary of the movie. In my opinion, he looks more friendly than in previous plushies, which I like. I love the detail on his jacket and he even has a little bow in his hair! 

My Dad actually bought me Tinkerbell as I spotted her on our last day and didn't have any extra cash! He treated me to her as a present and I love her! Tinkerbell is one of my favourite characters so this doll was needed for my Disney doll collection. This is the Disney Parks Exclusive Doll so you can't buy her in local stores. You can buy a similar design but her face and dress are slightly different. I felt the face and detail on this Tink was better than the Disney Store version so I'm happy to have her in my collection now.

I'm an avid pin collector so I went abit nuts on pins! I bought pins of all different characters and special ones like the '2016' pin and 'Santa Fe' pin. I love them all but my favourites are the Zootopia, Grape Soda & Tinkerbell pins. I must have spent over 100 euros on pins but alot of these are DLP exclusive and you can't find pins in the UK so I knew I was going to buy alot! 

I got all the princess & sidekick snowglobes for Christmas back in 2014, my set was completed...until they released Elsa! She appeared on the Disney Store for a day and sold out then hasn't appeared since! I was lucky enough to find her in DLP as now my set is complete once again :) I love this snowglobe and I think Elsa looks stunning. I love how they gave her a smile instead of her usual kinda grin and Olaf is just adorable! 

The last thing I bought was this Minnie Decorative Shoe. I love the decorative shoe range but sadly only have one other, which is Tink. I went to DLP hoping to find more but sadly they only had Minnie. I had a great interaction with Minnie in Inventions on my trip so I'm happy I was able to get her shoe to remember that! I love the little ears on the back & the big bow on the front. The polka dots just make it though with the classic red. 

That's my Disneyland Paris August 2016 Haul! I know it might not be as exciting as a Youtube video but it's what I feel comfortable doing right now. I hope to do more hauls in the future as I buy Disney things all the time!

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