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Disney Blogger/Youtube Christmas Gift Swap

This year I was asked by my friend Dan to help organise a blogger/youtube christmas gift swap! I jumped at the opportunity as I love gift swaps and christmas! Today is reveal day and everyone who particpated will be posting on youtube, instagram or on their blog in the next few days heading up to Christmas. 

I was super lucky and my presents were from my good friend Tracie, also known as @trixiebell_85 on instagram. You should totally check out her instagram as it's full of Disney magic! 

Now onto the presents! They came wrapped in amazing Frozen paper and I couldn't wait to see what was inside...

I'll start with the non-disney thing first, which I thought was super sweet as I didn't expect anything MLP but I LOVE it! It such a cute calendar and I can't wait to display it in my room. I love all the little pictures and it includes all the mane 6, which is so rare!

 Next up is this super cute princess keyring with Cinderella, Belle & my personal favourite Rapunzel! I can't wait to put this with my other disney keyrings in my room and display it with all my princess things. I also love the backing card with all the little princess scenes :)

 I love this awesome figural pen from The Disney Store. It's part of the new range called 'MXYZ', they do all different random stationary bits and I love this pen! I'm going to put it on my desk as she is such a cute figure anyway. I love the pink aswell, as pink is one of my favourite colours. 
A useful item with a touch of disney :)

 Last up are my favourite things, which are the Moana Tsum Tsums! I missed these on release day and was really sad but I'm so happy now as I have Moana & Pua!! Pua is the cutest thing and he was the one I wanted most so I'm so happy to have him in my collection. I also collect princess tsum tsums so Moana was needed and she is so detailed.

I LOVE MY PRESENTS! I was so taken back & overwhelmed when I open them as I couldn't believe a person that I don't actually know other than online, could be so friendly & generous. 
Thankyou so much Tracie if your reading this!! 

Can't wait to do this all again next Christmas! 

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