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Currently I Am...October 2015

Hello..anyone there?! I'm actually typing on my blog for the first time since August! I'm can't believe I've been gone so long but now I'm typing it's just flowing and I'm loving it. I decided to give my blog a new banner, this time with the Equestria Girls since the Friendship Games just came out and I LOVE this group shot :') I'm really hoping I can keep blogging now that I've started but make sure to like my facebook page to get updates and I also have been making tons of PMVs on my Youtube. 
Anyway, today I thought I'd start with a general post that I haven't done in ages so here is my 'Currently I Am' for October..

Reading...Disney Descendants, I loved the movie so thought I'd read the book ;) 
Watching...TV season has started and I'm watching Strictly Come Dancing with my Mum at the moment as well as Season 5 of MLP and OUAT! I also finally caught up with all the seasons of Pretty Little Liars, wow there was ALOT!! 
Playing...My parents actually just bought me a new gaming pc and I'm waiting for it to come tomorrow, so excited to play Sims 4 again as my old pc couldn't handle it :|
Trying...to get back on the blogging train :')
Eating...alot of pasta and cheese recently..it's super filling! 
Cooking...still nothing...no change there!
Texting...I've actually been pretty anti-social for the past few weeks and messaged my friend from the US for the first time in awhile today, I've missed chatting with her!
Tweeting...I think my blog automatically tweets my blog posts and youtube likes..does that count?!
Crafting...I recently got into LEGO Friends and now I'm addicted!!
Doing...alot of PMV (pony music video) making, really enjoying it :)
Going...to Comic Con super soon, it's my first time and I'm so excited!
Loving...ThatcherJoe's Until Dawn LP (so scary!), MLP Season 5 of course and OUAT Season 5, it's got super crazy!
Hating...that Christmas still isn't here..I'm sooo ready!!!!!
Enjoying...my new noise-cancelling headphones, they are literally the best things ever!
Thinking...of what songs to use in my next PMV.
Feeling...pretty upbeat recently actually..which is weird..
Hoping...that everything runs smoothly when my new PC comes..PLEASE!
Listening (to)...alot of MLP still, Wicked and I've recently got back into Jessie J's album 'Alive', I just love the songs so much ♥
Celebrating...that I have over 120 subscribers on my Youtube at the moment ;) 
Considering...my mind actually quite blank at the moment..kinda calm..
Finishing...my Disney Descendants sticker album..I'm doing really well :')
Starting...to feel hungry, I'm going to get McDonalds..don't judge me ;)

WOW that's it, yay! Let's keep this ball rolling this time ;) 

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Immy Cousins said...

I love the sims 4 so much! One of my fav!