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June Favourites

Hey Guys! So I haven't been in the blogging mood the past few weeks but hopefully I can get back on track next month. I haven't done a favourites post since March so I missed two months but felt this was the perfect way to start again and I finally have some new favourites! 


I haven't been loving pop music recently but love Little Mix's new song 'Black Magic'. It's kinda cheesy but cool and sassy at the same time. I feel that it could be in an Equestria Girl, Disney Channel or Disney movie as I feel it has that feel to it. As I'm writing this I'm actually listening to it. I'm super tempted to try and make a PMV to it with the Equestria Girls ;) I also like John Newman's new song ' Come and Get It', that's extremely catchy and Chris Brown's new song ' Five More Hours' is literally gunna be my Summer anthem. I've also listening to some of the scores from MLP especially this one, you should totally check it out :)


The Duff is my number one movie right now, it kinda reminded me of a re-vamped version of Mean Girls as we now have social media, which plays a big part. I thought Mae Whitman did an amazing job at Bianca and she made me laugh alot. I related alot to the movie and I think alot of other teens will especially older teens, who have really experienced high school..even if your like me and left at some point..you know what a hell it really is ;) I also finally watched The Hobbit..I know I'm seriously late to the party..but I really enjoyed it and can't wait to see the second one :)
I'm really excited for some upcoming movies like Minions, Inside Out and Spy! 


So I recently got the new Equestria Girls book based on Rainbow Rocks called The Mane Event. I was waiting for this book as I loved the movie and I prefer the books based on the movies even though the one before based on the shorts was cool too. I haven't read it all yet but it seems good. There are some changes to the story and added speech at points but there always is and sometimes I prefer it and think why didn't the put that in the movie?! Anyway, I recommend it :) I also read the third book in the Rainbow Rock series called Sunset Shimmer's Time to Shine and that was pretty good too. I overall really like the MLP/EG books :)


 So I finally decided to give Pretty Little Liars a try yesterday after hearing loads about it for years. I know I'm really late and by the time I finish all 6 seasons, it probably will have finished as I know Season 7 is the last but I really wanted to watch it at some point and at last I won't have to wait for any episodes ;) I generally know if I like something if the first or second episode hooks me and this did. I've binged watched all today and now I'm on Season 1 Episode 12. I'm super excited, but no spoilers please! I'm also watching Big Brother at the moment and boy it's CRAZY! Oh and of course I'm loving Season 5 of MLP, new episode tomorrow and I'm excited :)


I was super lucky and when I went shopping the other day I found the new Equestria Girls: Friendship Games dolls! They just came out and I have been waiting for them since I started collecting and heard about the movie. I really want Rainbow Dash and Sunset Shimmer, who sit on a massive motorbike. They didn't have either of those but they did have some of the school spirit dolls so I got Pinkie. I really love her outfit and really that the design has got much better from the first dolls even the face is more detailed. A full review should be coming soon with some other dolls I managed to finally pick up :)


 Since I got the Friendship Games Pinkie, I decided to try out Hasbro's newest edition, the Equestria Girls app. The app lets you explore Canterlot High and meet all the Equestria Girls. You make your own Equestria Girls and explore the school. The girls asks you to do tasks that really follow out the stories from the 1st and 2nd movies. I thought that is was a really decent game and they could have easily expanded it and made it a 3DS game or something as it reminded me of an old HSM game about the 2nd movie. The special thing about this app is that you can scan the little necklace that comes on your doll and they will appear in your game. I tried this with Pinkie and it worked extremely easily with no hassle, I was impressed. The only downfall with the game is that I thought it would be this long on going game with tons of requests but it isn't you play out some tasks for the 1st and 2nd movie like going to Fall Formal and Battle of the Bands and then it's over, it just takes you back to the beginning. I hope they update the app soon with more tasks from maybe videos, shorts or even the next movie to really make it fun.

I decided to leave out gaming this month as I haven't really been playing much so it felt kinda pointless. I hope you liked my June Favourites and I hope to post more really soon :) I'm currently uploading alot of my PMVs on youtube so be sure to check them out and subscribe! 

Bye Guys :)

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