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September Favourites ♥

Hey lovelies ♥ I actually can't believe it's nearly end of September already! So that means it's time for my September favourites post :') I've missed out beauty entirely this month and I don't use that many beauty products and it's pointless of me adding it in at the moment ;)


I have been loving quite alot of music lately but my favourites are All about that Bass by Meghan Trainor and Break Free by Ariana Grande and Zedd :) I love the lyrics and beat to Meghan song, it's just perfect especially for bigger girls like me! Ariana's song is pretty sweet too, I've had it on repeat a few times ;) I've also been loving Ugly Heart by G.R.L even though I know they had tragic news soon after releasing that one of their members had taken her own life :'( I also love Amnesia by 5SOS as I love them anyway and it's a cute song :)

This month I've been LOVING Sims 4! I was very worried in fact about this game as EA kept telling us this that were quite negative about the game like toddlers and pools not appearing the base game which I still think is pretty ridiculous but oh well! I do miss the colour wheel but the selection of colours are pretty good and I don't actually mind having a closed world to be honest as my computer isn't a beast computer and now Sims 4 runs great on it! If you wanna add me on origin..nevergrowup_x (my picture is elsa!) 


I have watched a few movies this month including Bad Neighbours, which I thought was quite funny and Mr Peabody and Sherman, which was adorable and I actually really enjoyed! My favourite was probably Cinderella 3 though as I hadn't seen it in years and it finally came on Disney Junior. I love it so much and I think it's great since it's a disney sequel..and we all know how they normally turn out (excluding a few!). I really like the songs in this one and I think the animation and plot is good. I actually have Cinderella 2 on my planner to watch at the moment and I'm so excited as it was one of my favourite movies as a child!


My favourite book is month is a new Disney book I recently got (literally like 2 days ago!) from my Nan and Grandad. I have been thinking about buying one of these for a while but this is the new one that they brought out last month with all the princesses up to Merida :) I love it as it tells you all the characters and their personalities plus the whole story for every princess. I'm definitely going to buy the Frozen guide next to go with this one ♥


I found this app a few days ago called VSCO CAM and I'm in love ♥ It's a photo editing app with loads of different types of picture effects. I highly recommend it and it's also totally free with is AMAZING! 


Surprise Surprise! My favourite app this month is INSTAGRAM! I love it so much! I pintrade, penpal and make tons of friends on instagram and I also get to share all my disney pictures I take to other disney lovers ♥ If you wanna follow me - nevergrowup_x 


I have been loving all new Sofia the First on Disney Junior this month! I love Sofia anyway but this month they have had new episodes on a Monday :) They started 2 weeks ago and that included an episode with Snow White which was adorable! I love the songs and characters in this and can't wait for more episodes. I'm also really excited for OUAT this weekend :') Sadly it doesn't air in the UK anymore but thank god for the internet! 

That's it for my favourites but I'll be posting again soon!
bye lovelies ♥

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