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Living With Aspergers: Conceal, Don't Feel, Don't Let it Show ♥ Having an Invisible Illness ♥

'Conceal. Don't Feel. Don't Let it Show.'

If you haven't been living under a rock for the past 9 months or just haven seen Frozen then you won't know this quote but I know alot of you will have. This means ALOT to me. When I first saw Frozen I knew it was going to be powerful but I didn't know how much I would relate to it. I know alot of people say 'I relate to Elsa' but I really do. 

Elsa has ice powers which are invisible unless she shows people. She has to keep them concealed to keep herself and others safe but mostly so she doesn't stick out. This means Elsa has to stay in her room till her coronation as Queen of Arendelle. She is scared of her powers as she knows they can do so much and she doesn't know how to control them. She feels alone and an outcast in this big world.

I identify with this as I have had Aspergers all my life but I only found out in October/November last year. My invisible illness didn't affect me like Elsa till I was in Year 8 in secondary and was still loving childish things and obsessing. I hating talking with my other friends about teen things like romance and drama..it bored me to be honest. I felt alone and outcast for a long time and even mad at time when people said I have nothing wrong with me. 

A lot of girls with aspergers mask their illness which makes it hard to diagnosis just like Elsa and her gloves. I wore the average teenage girl mask for 3/4 years but never felt comfortable or myself during this period..I was someone else..I was fake. I just felt like Elsa does at the coronation when she has to conceal her powers. She had to take her gloves off when picking up the royal scepter and her fear begins to show. 

Having Aspergers is quite hard sometimes as people don't know you have unless you either tell them or show it. If I was the jump around and speak in my childish manner like I do at home, outside or at school people would ask but I don't. While I'm at school I'm still wearing that mask although since my diagnosis I have embraced my aspergers and obsessions. I act differently now than I use to..I LET IT GO. 

And that's leads me onto my next subject which is about Letting it All Go so another Elsa related post will come. I'm not saying Elsa has aspergers by the way because she doesn't in any way, in my opinion she suffers with anxiety and depression due to having to conceal, be alone and not be herself for a matter of years. I have and still do suffer with both and I feel Elsa is a perfect example to use :') 

Having a hidden illness isn't funny and is extremely hard because people don't take you seriously as you it isn't physical. I want more invisible illnesses to get uncovered as it's serious and we need to be heard. We aren't invisible and we are still people..it's just us.

Anyway...my advice for this post is to never conceal unless you have to for a particular reason. You are you. Be Yourself, everyone else is taken ♥ 

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