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This or That?! Beauty Tag ♥

Hey Guys! I'm loving doing tags at the moment so I thought I would do the Beauty Tag :) I don't wear makeup that often because I can't normally be that bothered...lazy me! I saw this tag on StilaBabe09 Youtube Channel and thought it looked fun :D I will link the Youtube channel at the end if your interested ♥

Blush or Bronzer? - I don't really use either but I think blush because it gives your cheeks a nice colour.
Lip Gloss or Lipstick? - I LOVE both of these and I use lip gloss more than lipstick because I hate when my lips look really bold coloured!
Eyeliner or Mascara? - Mascara because you can make your eyelashes look amazing!
Foundation or Concealer? - I don't use either again but I did try foundation once and it felt funny so I think I would go with concealer :)
Neutral or colour eye shadow? - Neutral because it looks nice and femine on girls.
Pressed or loose eye shadows? - I don't know what these are as I'm not a Beauty Guru so I don't know!
Brushes or Sponges? - I like the look of those little beauty blenders but I don't have one so probably brushes!

OPI or China Glaze? - OPI because I have never heard of China Glaze and OPI is just PERFECT ♥
Long or Short? - I like medium nails that are slightly longer than normal but not too long!
Acrylic or natural? - It depends but I would love Acrylics because I have no nails as I bite them!
Brights or dark? - Brights in the summer but I like dark in the winter :)
Flower or no flower? - If you mean on your nail then I do like the flower..it looks pretty ♥

Perfume or Body Splash? - I use perfume alot more and it think it so amazing ♥
Lotion or Body Butter? - I prefer Lotion because it's less sticky :)
Body wash or Soap? - Defiantly body wash..I LOVE this Strawberry Milkshake body wash at the moment :D
Lush or other bath company? - I LOVE Lush because I love the bath bombs and FUN they do.

Jeans or Sweatpants? - I like jeans for going out and sweatpants for lounging around but I LOVE sweatpants more because I like how they just feel nicer :)
Long sleeve or short? - I don't really like long sleeve tops only short sleeve but I LOVE long sleeve pjs and jumpers.
Dresses or Skirts? - Dresses because I'm a total princess and LOVE dresses ♥
Stripes or Plaid? - I don't really like either but I guess Stripes :)
Flip Flops or Sandals? - Flip Flops because they are super comfy :D
Scarves or Hats? - Scarves..I don't really wear hats!
Studs or Dangly Earrings? - I don't have my ears pieced so I don't had either but I do LOVE studs ♥
Necklaces or Bracelets? - Bracelets I think I loved those Shambella bracelets loads last year!
Heels or Flats? - I only have 1 pair of heels and 1 pair of wedges but I do LOVE heels more..they are just perfection ♥
Cowboy boots or Riding boots? - Cowboy Boots :)
Jacket or Hoodie? - Well I like jackets with hoods more than hoodies...so abit of both!
Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe? - In the UK we only have a Forever 21 so I'm gunna have to say that!
Abercombie or Hollister? - I have never been to a Abercombie but I think that it is the same type of shop as Hollister but I will have to say Hollister because I have loads of things from there!
Saks 5th or NordStorm? - I have never heard of either of these shops because I live in the UK :(

Curly or Straight? - I have curly hair and want straight but I am liking my curly hair at the moment...I guess though everybody who has straight hair wants curly and everybody who has curly wants straight hair!
Bun or Ponytail? - I like buns in the doughnuts and high ponytails but I hate when my hair is up so I don't have either!
Bobby Pins or Bufferfly Clips? - I have never had butterfly clips but I have had so many bobby pins and I'm probably typing for alot of people when I say 'THEY JUST DISAPPEAR!' I have lost so many!!!
Hair Spray or Gel? - Hair Spray on girls..I have never use gel...
Long or Short? - I do like long hair..and always have but there is nothing wrong with short hair either!
Light or Dark? - Being a blonde I have to say light but I do like dark hair too :)
Sweep Side Bangs or Full Bangs? - I have more of a sweep side bang but I do like full bangs especially when Jessie J started her career and had the full bangs!
Up or Down? - Down..I hardly wear up..I hate it!

Rain or Shine? - Shine!
Summer or Winter? - I do love wearing winter jumpers but I love the summer weather!
Fall or Spring? - I have to say Fall because you get to wear jumpers :D
Chocolate or Vanilla? - Vanilla all the way baby!!
East Coast or West Coast? - I live in the UK :(

Thats it Guys ♥ Hope you enjoyed, I Tag All Of You!!! 

Bye Guys ♥

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