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Guinea Pigs ♥

Hey Guys ♥ I thought I would talk about my Guinea Pigs today..they are actually my sister's but I LOVE them! We have two boys called Fig and Oreo ♥ I call them Figgles and Mr Oreo :D They are super cute!

The Guinea pig on the left is Fig and he is like white and ginger ♥ He is super fat and adorable and LOVES to be stroked all the time :) The Guinea pig on the right is Oreo and he is black and white ♥ He loves being stroked under the chin and hand fed food! They are brothers and are born in February.

I honestly have abit of an obession with Fig because he makes me squee when I see him and he is just a fat little thing ♥ I LOVE Fig soo much and I give him so much attention :) Fig loves lettuce and spinach and cuddles too :) 

Oreo can sometimes be abit shy from time to time but he can get totally relaxed when he lays on your lap. Oreo lays in his cage like a dog in a curled postion and it is extremely cute! Oreo loves carrot and pepper and he loves attention ♥

I LOVE them so much and will probably have Guinea Pigs for the rest of my life because they just comfort me when I feel all stressed out ♥

Hope you liked finding out about my family's Guinea Pigs and I wanted to just Thank my Sister for getting them because they are just PERFECT and I don't know how I lived without them ♥

Bye Guys ♥

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