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The Disney Tag ♥

Hey Guys! Today I'm gunna do The Disney Tag! I didn't realise that this tag even existed but when I found it yesterday I was like I HAVE TO DO THIS!!! Alot of Youtubers have done this and I have read some of other peoples blogs but I thought this would be cool to do because I love Disney and couldn't live without it! Before I begin I just wanna say if any of my answers you read are the same to someone elses you've seen or read I'm not copying, these are my own opinons. 
Anyways..Let's Do This! 

1. A scene in any Disney movie you wish you could experience
This is so hard because I love so many moments but it's probably between three and I just can't decide so it would be...the moment in Tangled when Rapunzel and Flyyn (Eugene) are sitting in the boat watching the laterns singing 'I see the light'. It is just so romantic and magical! The other moment would have to be when you see Peter Pan take Wendy, John and Michael to Neverland, like who doesn't want to fly off with Peter Pan to a place where you never grow up! My third and final moment is when Ariel is singing Part of Your World for the second time and the iconic moment of here on the rock. It is just so magical and I love the song! 

2. An unforgettable experience you've have at the Parks
I have only been to Disneyland Paris in my lifetime so far and that was really recently...and I think that the unforgettable experience was probably having to sit on some really uncomfortable steps for 1 hour waiting for Disney Dreams to start. The hour was totally worth it because I will NEVER forget Disney Dreams and all the parades...it was just magical! 

3. What Non-Disney song(s) that reminds you or brings back memories of Disney and or the Parks? 
This is really hard because I haven't got a clue! Maybe Firework by Katy Perry because it just says that you are amazing and you just have to believe it. Alot of Disney Princesses have to believe that they are amazing to conquer fears for love :)

4. When was the first time you went to a Disney Park? 
The first time I went to a Disney Park was only in May 2013. I went to Disneyland Paris for the extended 20th anniversary and it was honestly one of the best times of my life. I didn't want to leave at all..and would love to work for a while in a Disney Park because I was just happy every moment I was there :D

5. If you could choose any of the characters to be your best friend who would you choose?
I think it would be between Peter Pan, Rapunzel, Ariel or Belle. Peter Pan would be my first choice because he is so fun and childish, I think it everyday would be different if Peter Pan was my best friend. Rapunzel is my second because I love her kind but fiesty personality and she can do anything really so she would be really helpful! I picked Ariel and because she is so funny and different and really cool. I picked Belle because she loves to read and is quite shy like me. 

6. Who is your favourite Disney Princess?
I think is one of the hardest questions because you have to pick between I think 11 different powerful girls! When I was younger Cinderella was my favourite because she was blonde and I loved the movie. If Tangled was around when I was younger Rapunzel would have probably been my favourite because she is my favourite now. I love the movie Tangled and she is just amazing! I never really watched The Little Mermaid when I was younger because I hated Ursula..but I watched it about a month ago for the first time and I loved it...so Ariel is one of my favourite princesses too! Belle is the same because I never really watched Beauty and the Beast and I did a few months ago and it is so romantic. Belle is so sweet and she is one of my favourites too at the moment. Rapunzel is probably my favourite of them all at the moment though :)

7. Name a scene/moment in any Disney movie that never fails to make your cry
I have never cried to any Disney movie other than Up at the beginning because it was so sad and I wasn't expecting it. The are several moments that have pulled at my heart strings like at the end of Toy Story 3 when Andy gives all his toys away to the little girl including Woody :'(. Then when Simba's dad Mufusa dies in the stampede that was set up by his brother Scar and then Simba cries and thinks it is his fault :'(. Alot of people say when Bambi's mum dies but to be honest I don't think I have ever watched Bambi..or I have and can't remember it. I don't want to watch it now because I know what happens and everybody says 'OMG it's sooo sad' :(

8. What is the first Disney movie you remember seeing?

Apparently the first Disney movie I watched was Robin Hood because my Dad loves it, but I don't remember it at all and haven't seen it in ages! I thought that the first Disney movie I ever saw was The Lion King because it's my Grandad's favourite and I remember it so much. But Oh Well....Robin Hood was my first ever Disney movie I saw.

9. What is your favourite Disney movie?
I have two favourite Disney movies. My favourite classic is Peter Pan because who doesn't want to fly off with Peter Pan to Neverland, fight some pirates, sing with some indians, swim with mermaids, play with the lost boys, make friends with Tinkerbell and never grow up! I probably missed something out but it's all I can think of! My favourite new animated movie has to be Tangled. It is so romantic, I love Flynn Rider, Rapunzel is amazing, the story is great and the songs are cool. I love it..it's totally 'HAIR-RAISING' :D 

So that's The Disney Tag done!  I hope you liked it and feel free to give it ago yourself! 
I'm gunna try and post more now that Summer is nearly over...so watch this space ♥

Bye Lovelies ♥


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