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August Haul 2013 ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ Sorry I haven't posted in a while..I've been super busy with the Summer! My Summber Holidays are nearly over and then I will post more regularly :) I uploaded my first Youtube video last week and it got a few views, but I didn't feel comfortable doing it at the point in my life. I'm sorry to say that I'm sticking to blogging and not going to upload any more videos to Youtube at the moment. I will be putting all my hauls and things on here instead because I feel more comfortable doing this ♥ I will try and post more often now, I'm sorry ♥

Anyways...I'm going to be showing you lovelies some of the things I got this August. I have been shopping quite alot in the past week for some school stuff so I thought I would share it with you. You can call it a 'Back to School Post' but I don't go to a normal school so I don't need all the stationary and stuff so it's kinda different to a normal back to school blog post :) I'm just going on now so let's get started :D 

First I got some Sharpies for my scrapbooking from WhSmith. They were on a deal where you had to buy a pencilcase and you got a pack of 24 Sharpies for £6.99. They are normally £16.99 so it was a real bargin! I got the cheapest pencilcase which was £3.99 so it only came to £10 which was great! They include the Limited Edition 80's Glam sharpies too :D

Next I got this snood and bag from Primark. The snood has black coloured hearts on it and the bag is just a black crossover bag. I needed a small bag for school and this was PERFECT! It was only £6 aswell! The snood was £3 I think..I'm not to sure (sorry!). 

I got these Minnie Mouse Emery Boards from Primark too! My Mum needed some so of course I made her buy the Disney ones! They were only £1.50 which was good for something Disney even though they are only nail files :) I also got a new purse from Primark. It is cream with a gold metalic bow on it. It was £5 but I liked the size and it had just enough space to put cash in :) 

I got 3 pairs of Topshop Frilly Socks. It was 3 for £8, which was ok I guess..:) Alot of people I follow on Instagram love them and have loads of colours. To be honest..I would only wear them for school but I won't just wear them because they look pretty funny on me! I got an umberella from Primark for £4, it has a pink hold part and it is grey with white dots on. I love it ♥ It is just so pretty :D 

I got 2 black skater skirts from River Island for school. They are 2 for £25 at the moment, I think they are really nice. I look terrible in skirts but these aren't so bad...I will wear them if I have to ;) The other thing is a jacket from New Look, it is blue and white. It was in there sale for £6 from £15. I really love it so much ♥

The last thing I'm going to show you are my new Lo Converses :) They are grey with a pink stripe round them. I needed a new pair on shoes so I'm really happy about them! I got them from Office for £45, I think (sorry again!) I'm going to wear them all the time I can already tell! 

I also have got a blue pair of sweatpants from Gilly Hicks, lip balms from The Body Shop, some scrapbook stuff from John Lewis and the dvd of a TV Series called Once Upon a Time. I bought Series 1 because it looked good and it is FABULOUS!!! I can't believe I hadn't seen it earlier! 

Anyway...This was a really LONG post, longer than I expected! I'm going to do some more posts soon about me, Sims, Scrapbooking and maybe my trip to the Zoo...so watch this space! 

Bye Lovelies ♥

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