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Posting from Cornwall :')

Hey Lovelies :') 

I'm posting from Cornwall today! I've have just arrived at our Cottage that we are staying at. I'm sooo happy that there is WIFI in this cottage! Thank God I brought my laptop!! 
The cottage is just so like a Disney fairytale house..It's just perfect. It is quite small and has flowers growing up the sides of it! It reminds me of the tower from the Disney movie Tangled!!

Okay...it doesn't look anything like this because it's a cottage not a tower and it's short not tall...But it does have nice scenery and flower growing up it! It is a white/grey bricked colour and it is extremely pretty!!! 

The Cottage

This it what is looks like :') I think it is sooo stunning..The inside is just as nice. I will try and do a Vlog Video on Youtube for you guys to watch ;) It might not be best quality because i have to do it on my Ipod instead of my amazing camera..Forgot the camera lead :/ Subscribe to my channel on Youtube for amazing Vlogs, Hauls and Videos :D This is the link: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkbxTD35pZFlKIgZ71EJ_fQ. I would love some of you to subscribe :) I will try and record some videos while I'm in Cornwall but they wont be the best quality!! Sorry!!!!

All of my things!!
I thought I would just add a picture of all my things that I packed :D If you watch my Vlog on the Cottage Tour when I hopefully put it up then you will see all the stuff I have taken compared to my sisters! I took half of my electronics!!! Oh God!! I might a whats in my bag too if I have time :')                                                                                                                                                                                                  Blog Later and remember to Subscribe to my channel :') xoxoxo

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