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Meet Izzy!

Hey Guys! Today I have a very exciting post introducing a new family member. Now, if you follow me on my facebook page or instagram you will already know what I'm talking about but I felt Izzy needed a proper introduction..as I'm typing this she is barking..any ideas ;)

Meet Izzy! Izzy is an 9 week old Golden Retriever puppy and is the cutest thing! I've always been afraid of dogs and my Sister is totally obsessed so she pushed to get a dog. I gave up trying to argue and fell in love with Izzy. I'm still abit afraid at times and her bark can scare me but I love her and I'm getting better each day. We picked her up last Thursday and she has been the most adventous pup ever! 

She loves to have a run in the garden and I enjoy getting abit of needed exercise playing with her. I also enjoy making her food as it feel rewarding when she gobbles it up and can't wait to start training her in a few months! She's extremely playful and hates to be alone at the moment but we give her lots of love and she's loving it! 

I will be posting loads more pictures on my facebook page:
And my instagram: @nevergrowup_x

I hope to have tons of amazing memories with Izzy over the years! 
Until next time, bye guys :) 

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Alex said...

She is adorable! I'm 25 and love reading your blogs. I'm a BIG disney fan too and try to go to Disneyland Paris every year with my mum. Will you be doing a 'what I had for Christmas post?' Would love to see what you got. Keep up the good work :)