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New My Little Pony Videos!

Hey lovelies! I'm waaay to excited today, I already feel that today is gunna be a good day! So I woke up to 4 new MLP/EG videos and now I'm over excited!! I had to share them with you guys as soon as I saw them, so here we go!

First up is the newest clip that has arrived for Season 5 of MLP. I can't wait till Saturday when it premieres as it just looks so amazing! I love when ponies get all mucked up..well aren't themselves so this episode looks AMAZING!

These 3 videos were TOTAL surprises when I woke up this morning. I found 3 new music videos to completely NEW Equestria Girl songs on youtube! I thought I would start off with Rarity's newest song. I'm not sure if these are just random songs, or they didn't make Rainbow Rocks or they are from the Friendship Games..but I don't care they are awesome! The animation looks clearer than the previous movies so I hope that this the animation they will continue to use in upcoming movies. I'm not the biggest Rarity fan and I don't normally fall in love with her songs. I like a few but I'm still not sure on this one..I love the chorus but I'm not sure on the rest :| 

I love Sunset Shimmer and I hope she gets more developed in the upcoming movies. I wish they used this song in Rainbow Rocks as it's perfect! I reminds me alot of Let it Go from Frozen since she is just saying that 'the past is in the past'! I also love the new outfit Sunset Shimmer is wearing and it looks like her hair has been dulled down abit as the yellow used to be SUPER bright!! 

This has to be my favourite from the 3 songs that have been released! IT IS PERFECTION!!! I love the whole song and the outfits are awesome! I'm in love with Rainbow Dash and AppleJack's solo and could listen to them over and over!! I loved how it now gives a reason to the random Rockin' Hairstyle dolls..and makes me want Rainbow Dash even more!!!!!!! I can't wait to get this on my ipod and rock out ;)

Hope you like this shorter blog post :) I just had to share these awesome videos with you! I might blog something else later on though..that's abit longer ;)
Until next time, bye lovelies ♥

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