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Currently I Am...♥ November 2014 ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ So as promised here is my second post of the day! I really want to do this every month and didn't want to fail this month so even though it's incredibly later than my other ones here is my 'Currently I am..'

Reading...I've recently got into Ever After High and decided to start reading the books so I read the first one really quickly while I was in Cornwall and I'm reading the second one at the moment and I'm loving it!
Watching...Alot of toy hauls and vlogs on youtube, and plenty of sims!
Playing...Brave on my Xbox :)
Eating...chocolate orange, it's literally christmas!
Drinking...milk, I love some milk :')
Cooking...pasta and brownies, I had to for a school project..it went well..
Texting...my disney friends.
Pinning...disney things, I've been pinning loads lately!
Tweeting...nothing actually :/
Crafting...I've been ill so no scrapbooking recently..
Doing...penpal letters :)
Going...nowhere but I really wanna go to Toys R Us and the Disney Store as always!
Loving...I'm a Celeb, it started last Sunday and I'm loving it :D
Hating...being ill, ergh hate the flu :(
Enjoying...getting pinmail in the post :)
Thinking...about how many days there are till Christmas..32 days :D
Feeling...mixed emotions, I can't describe :|
Hoping...that I get back soon ;)
Listening (to)...Wicked, literally listening to wicked all day all night ♥ 
Celebrating...that there is only 32 days till Christmas :')
Thanking...my family for helping me in my tough times, love you loads ♥♥
Considering...if I should play Sims after this?
Starting...to get Disney depression, I need to go back..it's an addiction!
Finishing...my penpal letters..hopefully ;)

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